Hi, my name is Nick Mosher. I'm a designer, researcher, futurist, and innovator. I create web sites, intranet platforms, home automation, consider the future of technology and the web, and design web applications. All of my work considers the user's intuitive and effective use at the forefront of my planning.

I really enjoy working for non-profit organizations who focus on the missions of their members above profit. You might see me at SXSW, Adobe Max, NN/g conferences, IFTF events, or local UXPA-KC events.

I believe we should all be students of life -- never stop learning, because then we are truly lost. Through my work as a user experience designer I have improved many applications both internal and externally facing.

Currently, I am a Senior User Experience Designer for the American Academy of Family Physicians. At the AAFP, I work to champion the user experience on AAFP.org, the AAFP mobile app, and 38 other online applications.

Important links

  1. Portfolio on mosherdesign.com
  2. Resume (pdf)
  3. Github

Recommended reading

  1. Getting Things Done by David Allen
  2. Sprint by Jake Knapp
  3. Gamestorming by Gray, Brown, and Macanufo
  4. Emotional Design by Donald A. Norman
  5. Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson
  6. Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte